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07/07/2022 16:44
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The FSE Intranet uses the same authentication mechanism as the main University Intranet (https://intranet.swan.ac.uk).

If you are unable to log in then the most likely reasons are:

  1. You have forgotten your username and/or password. (Your username is the first part of your email address)
  2. You have never logged in to the University Intranet and thus your account has never been activated.
  3. Your password has expired in the University Intranet.

In order to isolate the cause it is advised to try to log in to the main University Intranet (https://intranet.swan.ac.uk). Once you can log on to the University Intranet successfully you should be able to log on to this site.

If after trying the above you are still unable to log in then please email (m.h.lewis@swansea.ac.uk).

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